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House of Hope Women and Their Testimonies

Heidi's Story


My Name is Heidi, and I'm a new creation in Christ. I used to struggle with feeling unloved and unworthy. I was always looking to fill that empty spot; something was always “missing.”


I began trying alcohol and eventually drugs. This behavior increased so much that I used them to mask my feelings of guilt, shame, and hurt. It wasn't long before my life was unmanageable. I had become an addict. I started losing friends, family, my career and even myself to my addiction. At the peak of my addiction I was homeless and scared, but something or someone kept pushing me to get help. I found refuge at a shelter in St. Louis and entered Teen Challenge in 2012, where I met Jesus Christ.


As I learned more about my Savior and established a relationship with Him, my mind and heart began to heal and I was delivered of my past hurts. After completing my stay at Teen Challenge, I came to the House of Hope in Springfield, where I found the love and compassion of Christ. Here, I am encouraged daily to keep moving forward to clean up my past.


God began restoring my life back to me by reconnecting me with my family and daughter. He has blessed me with a job and the means to maintain the apartment I now have. He is also directing my life back into healthcare and restoring my nursing career. I have been delivered from my old life style and I now know who I am in Christ.


As an alumna of the House of Hope, I can honestly say that this is God's house. This place is truly blessed—and so is each lady that has walked through its doors. I will always be thankful for the House of Hope and all the comfort and love I received there and still receive. I will always continue to be a part of this ministry as God wills it. To any woman struggling as I did, I urge you: please seek help there and with our Father. He will bless your life just for loving Him back.

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