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House of Hope Women and Their Testimonies

Kelly's Story


I was born in Texas to a mother who was incarcerated while pregnant. I ended up in the custody of my aunt and then my grandparents, but my mom left her old lifestyle and became a committed, full-time single parent. Together, we moved to Arkansas where I grew up. I loved my mom: she was my best friend and my rock. But when I turned thirteen she became sick and spent the next six years in and out of the hospital. I was still a teenager when she passed away, and her passing left a huge void in my life. I had not yet learned that Jesus could fill that void, so I felt lost. Not knowing how to deal with my grief, I turned to alcohol. My relationships with other family members crumbled and I moved away, intending to start my life over, alone. But I ended up making things worse.


One day I was thrown a life-line: I heard about Teen Challenge, a long-term residential program. And that’s where I met Ann Tompkins. The Lord used her, along with others in the House of Hope Ministries, to speak life back into me and show me God’s love. After seven months I left and moved back with my family; but I wasn’t yet ready, so I relapsed and ended up leaving home again. Thank God I was accepted into another residential home and, this time, I completed its recovery program successfully.


I was sober but still needing a supportive family setting, and that’s what I have found at the House of Hope: a family of like-minded women in Christ, who have gone through the same struggles I have and have learned to lay their struggles at the foot of the Cross.


I made the choice—or maybe God made the choice for me—that I’d contact Ann at the House of Hope Ministries. And she took me in! My life here at the House of Hope is making me into a strong, independent person. The Lord has blessed me by surrounding me with people who love me unconditionally; He has given me a church family and pastor who pour into me and show me by the example of Christ how to live.


I am not sure what the Lord has planned for me next, but I know that he has given me the Spirit and the strength to face it—so I cannot wait for the coming seasons for what He has in store!

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