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House of Hope Women and Their Testimonies

Christine's Story


I was born in Michigan and raised by my mother and father and two older sisters. But my father died unexpectedly and the sudden loss devastated my mother. Now a single parent, she struggled to make ends meet and began drowning her grief and worry in drugs. Soon, she was lost in addiction. My sisters, too, were soon lost in drugs. As my mother’s addiction worsened, she made a decision to place me in the custody of my aunt and uncle in St. Louis, Missouri. They had four children of their own and I struggled to find “my place” in their family. I felt alone and lacked self-confidence; I also had self-image issues and boyfriend issues. I felt unloved and unlovable so, to compensate, I turned to promiscuity. I quit school at seventeen and went to live with my mother, who had moved to Arkansas. Lonely and suffering from depression, I turned to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain. I got into a relationship that turned toxic and often violent. Probably the only thing my boyfriend and I had in common was our addiction; spending whatever money we had on drugs, we became homeless. When my boyfriend was incarcerated on drug-related charges, I was left homeless to fend for myself.


On September 28th, 2014, God led me to the House of Hope Ministries. Today I am sober and have been so for the longest length of time in my adult life. It feels amazing to know I don’t need drugs to make it through the day. I also don’t have to put on a skimpy outfit and high heels to feel beautiful. I don’t need to be skinny. I don’t need a man to feel worthy or wanted. This has all been possible through God.


Before the House of Hope, I had nowhere to go to and no one to turn to; I had turned my back on my faith and my Savior. But it was His love that saved me. He took my life and made it into a testimony; He freed me of my chains and keeps on breaking them, even today. The love and mercy He has shown me are beyond words. He gave me my life back. He has blessed me with a baby boy, a good job, a savings account and a real future. I give all the Glory and Praise to God. He took a girl gone lost and brought her back home.

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