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A Letter from Renewed Treasures Ministries  Executive Director, Ann Tompkins

Welcome to Renewed Treasures Ministries of Springfield, a place where hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible! Women come to Renewed Treasures seeking shelter from the world’s many storms. But, more than receive shelter, Renewed Treasures women are supported in their present needs and empowered in overcoming their troubled pasts: through our Spirit-centered recovery and education programs, Renewed Treasures women learn the skills needed to rebuild broken lives and to look forward, in faith, to brighter futures.


Physically, emotionally, socially, economically, and spiritually, our women are restored to health and wholeness. And, thus restored, our women are empowered to live responsibly, rejoin the workforce, rebuild relationships, repair marriages, and regain custody of children.  


Here at Renewed Treasures, we know what God wants for our women. He wants them to be made clean and sober and responsible not just for their own lives but for the lives of their children and family members. He wants our women to grow in wisdom—both practical and spiritual understanding. He wants them to contribute positively and productively to the community, capable of holding jobs, of putting food on the table, of making mortgage and car payments and providing for themselves and their loved ones. These are goals that we all have—to live lives of health and prosperity and loving service. Here at Renewed Treasures, we help women realize these same goals: weaving them back into the fabric of our community, Renewed Treasures Ministries turns broken individuals into God-fearing women, loving mothers, and productive citizens.  


Elsewhere on this website, you’ll find the testimonies of several Renewed Treasures women. Each story is unique and typical at the same time: growing up in troubled, dysfunctional homes; living with abusive, addicted parents; keeping bad company; being introduced early-on to alcohol, drugs, sex, violence, crime; leaving school and leaving home; getting trapped in toxic relationships; being unprepared for motherhood; falling ever deeper into addiction; losing custody of children; being thrown out onto the street, homeless—or thrown in jail. Over and over, this is the pattern that we see, and this is the pattern that we seek to break.  


For many of the women we serve, Renewed Treasures is not only a “last resort.” It’s their last hope. But Renewed Treasures offers these women real hope by providing what had been missing from their lives all along: safe transitional shelter, loving care, moral guidance (the “rules and boundaries” that teach self-control), life-skills training and, above all, a loving personal relationship with their Lord. Renewed Treasures Ministries is Spirit-centered in its work, and that’s what makes the difference in our women’s lives. The soul-emptiness that they had tried to fill with drugs and sex and bad attitudes can only truly be filled by Christ Jesus and the Spirit. Once these women give themselves fully and unconditionally to God, then, and only then, will they be given the strength to break the bonds of addiction. God will be their strength, for it’s God that frees His children from the world’s falsehoods and temptations. 


As the Renewed Treasures Ministries has grown, so have my own duties. In June 2012, I started out as a House Mother—a position dear to my heart, since it put me in daily contact with women whom I felt called to serve. Having been lost, broken, addicted, and incarcerated myself, I knew what these women were facing and I wanted to help them in the same ways that I had been helped. For, you see, I was myself a rebellious youth out of control, constantly in and out of jail for drug-use. While in prison, I lost custody of my five children—one of whom was born in prison. You can understand, then, why I’m so keen on helping Renewed Treasures women reunite with families. We advocate for our women with the Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS) and help them through drug court and DUI court—not “to beat the system” in any way, but to ensure that our women comply with the law and that the law, in turn, acknowledges their progress toward responsible motherhood and citizenship.  


Dealing with DYFS and the court system can be daunting for many of our women, who have come to think of the courts as a threat rather than an ally. Obedience and compliance are life skills that most of our woman never learned as teens; so, when our women do learn to live in accordance with the laws of man and the laws of God, we believe that they deserve a real second chance.  


If you’re a woman in need of our services, please read on! Use the email or phone number listed below. We’d love to visit with you. If you’re interested in contributing to our ministry, of course we’d like to hear from you, too.  


Yours in the Lord’s service,

Ann Tompkins,

Executive Director

Renewed Treasures Ministries of Springfield

Ann Tompkins

Executive Director Renewed Treasures Ministries of Springfield


PO Box 2601

Springfield, Missouri 65801-2601

Office 417.501.1120

Fax 417.501.1767 

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