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Saying Goodbye to Janell, Our Sister in Christ

Yesterday evening, at the Northside Assembly of God, our House of Hope family and friends celebrated the life our sister in Christ, Janell Witt, who passed away on May 23. She passed of congestive heart failure, but all who came to know her knew that her heart was right with the lord.

It’s hard to say good bye to family, and that’s what Janell was for the House of Hope women.

I remember when Janell was first introduced to our House Of Hope Ministries in Springfield. It was a cold day in November, 2014. She was in Drug Court and was desperate to turn her life around after battling a 25-year addiction to methamphetamine. She was working to turn her life around and needed lots of help in lots of areas.

I was in Drug Court at the time, assisting a resident of the House of Hope Ministries. And that’s when Janell asked me if we could help her. I helped her fill out an intake form for admission and invited her into our home.

Janell had three goals while at the home.

1. To know the Lord Jesus Christ and understand His word and what it means.

2. To regain control of her finances, by learning how to budget and save money.

3. To rejoin the community as a caring, contributing citizen—which meant transitioning into her own apartment.

After being in our home for 18 months, Janell’s life was transformed through the word of God. She met every one of her goals. And as she grew in the Lord—and grew in confidence of her own renewed strengths—she became such a joy to be around! Janell encouraged many women and would speak life into their dry bones.

After Janell transitioned into one of our apartments, she stayed on as a volunteer at the House of Hope Ministries. She drove the kiddos to and from school the ladies to and from work, meetings, and church. She also booked all of our fundraisers.

Janell was a blessing to us all.

All the while Janell was helping others, she was battling her own medical issues. But when she wasn't feeling well and wanted to give up, he found comfort in Scripture—particularly in Luke 1:37, “For with God nothing will be impossible.”

Thanks, Janell, for giving the proof of Scripture in your own life: with God, you achieved what seemed as good as impossible—you defeated addiction, regained your live, and became a source of joy for others. Praise the lord!

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